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About Us

Who We Are

We are a collective of community members who seek to create more accessible inclusive healing spaces with our community.


Why We're Here

Traditional Westernized healing spaces have historically excluded LGBTQ+ people, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, people with low socioeconomic status, people with disabilities, and people from other marginalized identities. The Liberation Collective (TLC) is intentionally and collaboratively building a space in the community that is committed to addressing barriers to healing while also building awareness and supports for social justice in Olympia and beyond. 

Community-Centered Operation

TLC is operated out of a house in the Northeast Olympia neighborhood near The San Francisco Street Bakery and Roosevelt Elementary. This both allows us to stay closer to the community in a convenient location, while also lowering our costs since a tenant living in the upper level of the home pays the rent. Since our operating costs are low, our space rental rates to healers, teachers, and facilitators are also low. This supports opportunities for:

  • Niche classes and events,

  • Smaller class sizes, and

  • Affordable (and free) classes.


This organization is collaboratively led by an advisory board and our work is informed by the community. Any Olympia community members are welcome to participate on the advisory board. We also offer other ways throughout the year for the community to provide input to guide our work.

Classes and Events

TLC continuously strives to center the needs of the most marginalized folks in our community, which often results in classes and opportunities that benefit all of us. Some of the offerings we seek to host include, but are not limmited to:

  • Yoga asana and other movement classes,

  • Meditation and yoga philosophy classes,

  • Social justice affinity groups,

  • Support groups and social gatherings,

  • Youth empowerment programming,

  • Potlucks and cooking classes,

  • Art shows and performing arts,

  • Trainings and workshops, and

  • Community fundraising events.

Whether you have something you would like to offer the community, or you are looking for more ways to connect with community, we welcome you into our home!

Learn more about our facility use and rental rates.

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